We currently offer a number of investment strategies in the areas of stock investing, options trading and multi-strategy, multi-asset portfolios. You can use the ready-made portfolios “as is” for your own investing, incorporating them in your current investment portfolio. You gain access to the investment strategies by means of a Site Pass, apply here.

The investment strategies that we offer are briefly explained below. For a more thorough description of the various investment strategies, please select the individual strategy pages.

Multi-Strategy Portfolios

The multi-strategy, multi-asset portfolios provide well-diversified exposure to a number of asset classes and strategies within Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities, Real Estate and Hedge Funds.

The securities in the portfolios are all exchange traded, meaning that the overall exposure can be increased or decreased swiftly at low cost. It also means that the portfolios can be implemented in an ordinary brokerage account. Exchange-traded-funds, ETFs, are used extensively.

  • Multi-Asset BondPlus. This strategy is suitable for the conservative global investor having a strong focus on capital preservation. The long-term objective is to achieve a return above long-dated government bonds, to the same or lower volatility. Read more.
  • High Risk Premium Programme. This is a strategy targeting a long-term return above that of Global Equities. The strategy is suitable for an investor seeking a high long-term return, albeit being able to withstand significant volatility in the short-term. Read more.

Stock Investing

Many of the stock investing strategies utilize FF Stock Rank for the initial stock selection and thereafter apply different investment features and investment processes in areas such as entry/exit handling, position sizing, portfolio protection (using options or hedging), position rolling (new strike prices and/or expiry months for options), return enhancement (through leverage), and more.

  • Sentiment Strategy. This strategy is based on the FF Sentiment Rank for industries and stocks. The rationale behind the strategy is that positive/negative sentiment changes, like earnings estimates revisions and analyst’s ratings changes, are followed by price increases/decreases. Read more.
  • Quality Sentiment Long/Short Strategy. This strategy is built around a combination of the FF Quality Rank and the FF Sentiment Rank for industries and stocks. The strategy belongs to the hedge fund category ‘Equity Long/Short’. By using this strategy you invest in ‘high-quality’ stocks with solid sentiment, all within ‘high-quality’ industries, while at the same time going short the broader market. Read more.
  • Rank Breakout Strategy. The idea behind the strategy is that significant positive/negative FF Stock Rank changes are followed by price increases/decreases. If you are looking for an aggressive strategy with significant upside potential, this strategy is for you. Read more.

Options Trading

  • OFF – Options For Free. This is an options strategy using calendar backspreads with US stocks as underlying instruments. The strategy rewards gamma patience and generates over a market cycle a number of significantly profitable trades. Read more.
  • COF – Combination For Free. This is an options strategy that builds on diagonal butterflies with US stocks and exchange-traded-funds, ETFs, as underlying instruments. The strategy produces free combinations that profit from significant up- and down moves. Read more.