Investment Solutions

In Investment Solutions we provide practical solutions to investment portfolio owners and managers. We assist in many aspects of investing – from strategy, structure and evaluation through to implementation.

We work with our clients in a variety of areas including:

  • Structuring of Investment Management Mandates including development of complete Investment Policy Statements, review and maintenance.
  • Investment Manager Search, Evaluation and Selection using qualitative and quantitative tools and methods.
  • Assessment of Exchange-Traded-Products, such as ETFs, ETNs and ETCs, for inclusion in a particular investment universe.
  • Portfolio Construction using quantitative techniques (Gain/Loss, Sharpe, Bands) or more qualitative/discretionary approaches.
  • Derivatives Overlays, e.g. implementation of a Profit Protection Overlay.
  • Tail Hedging of equity portfolios.

Financial Solutions

Within Financial Solutions we work with our clients offering:

  • CFO and Controller ‘for-hire’. Our consultants function as ‘ordinary’ in-house finance personnel at client firms. A typical situation is to support a client firm on an interim basis either during maternity/paternity leave or to cover after a staff resignation and before the new permanent solution is in place.
  • Simulation and optimization of income statement and balance sheet. This is a proprietary methodology that after applied at a client firm often significantly improves the net income.