White-Label Solution

Update: New EXIR Solution

EXIRWithin White-Label Solutions we provide the product range EXIR. As a reminder, EXIR stands for EXposure with limited Investment and no or low Risk. EXIR is a solution that gives the end-client full exposure from the outset, without the need for upfront commitments. The downside for the end-client is limited.

EXIR products are created as joint projects involving a Product Partner and Financial Factory. A Product Partner is typically a bank, an insurance company, a real estate firm or fund.

A new EXIR Solution – EXIR Tenant – has been added to the lineup. The Product Partner in EXIR Tenant is a direct owner of residential real estate, e.g. a real estate fund, a real estate company or a private owner. Through EXIR Tenant, a property owner can offer the tenants the following: “Would you like to have the possibility of living rent-free for a number of months – on our behalf?”.

The full range of current EXIR Solutions:

  • EXIR Insurance
  • EXIR Mortgage
  • EXIR Tenant
  • EXIR Union

For more details, feel free to contact Ulf Björkman, +46 70 550 54 54.

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