Welcome to Financial Factory. Our mission is to provide innovative Investment and Financial Solutions that in creative ways improve the bottom-line for our clients.

Within Investment Solutions, we assist investment portfolio owners and managers, such as fund companies, pension funds and private investors, in managing their investment portfolios, aiming for superior risk-adjusted returns. To this end we provide a compelling set of investment tools and strategies.

In Financial Solutions, we provide practical solutions for finance departments, offering CFO and Controller services. Read more.

HIRP Components

Investment Tools

The purpose of our collection of investment tools is to assist portfolio owners with their position taking.

There are tools that indicate the current macro-economic environment, tools to gauge the trendiness of different asset classes, indicators to pinpoint entry/exit levels as well as an elaborate stock ranking system – FF Stock Rank. The ranking system can be used to find buy and sell candidates for a stock portfolio.

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White-Label Solutions

Our know-how around investment product construction and our collection of investment tools, strategies and methodologies are available for external partners, Product Partners. By combining our services, a Product Partner offers unique investment products in its own name to its end-clients.

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Investment Strategies

The Investment Strategies are ready-made portfolios, some that can be used standalone, others as part of a larger portfolio. The strategies fall in the areas of stock investing, options trading and multi-asset, multi-strategy portfolios.

Many of the investment strategies utilize FF Stock Rank for stock selection, span from conservative to aggressive, some incorporate merely long stock positions, some with options and others that use hedging.

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