White-Label Solutions – Products and Services for Product Partners

Our know-how around investment product construction and our collection of investment tools, strategies and methodologies are available for external partners, Product Partners. By combining our services, a Product Partner offers unique investment products in its own name to its end-clients.

In these solutions Financial Factory acts as structuring agent, advisor or sub-advisor. Our experience spans from onshore to offshore, UCITS and AIFMD, over beta exposure and alpha strategies, to cash instruments, derivatives and structured products.

Brief examples of solutions are provided below. For more information about EXIR and details around other solutions, please contact us directly (see right).

EXIR – Exposure with Limited Investment and Risk

EXIR is a framework for a particular type of structured product where, in general, an investor at outset, with a limited outright investment, gains full or high exposure, with no or low risk.

We currently offer four versions for specific types of Product Partners; the versions are EXIR Tenant, EXIR Insurance, EXIR Mortgage and EXIR Union.

The economic aspects of EXIR are highly interesting for our Product Partner as well.

Multi-Asset Portfolios

Our general methodology for construction of portfolios of financial assets is used by Product Partners to generate diversified portfolios with equities, fixed-income, commodities, real estate and hedge funds – all in one package.

The methodology utilizes gain/loss optimization and empirical returns distributions.